Friday, 16 September 2016

September's Selection

 Well, after a week of unseasonably hot temperatures - I live in what was one of the hottest areas earlier this week, Hunstanton which is a few miles away, reached 33 degrees on Tuesday, and it was 32 in our back garden. Way, way too hot for me so it was nice yesterday to wake up to misty conditions and lots of cloud, which lingered on and off for most of the day so luckily we didn't get near the 28 degrees forecasted, instead hovering several degrees lower. And this morning, it's struggling to reach 18 degrees, dull and overcast with rain coming in later. I saw from the news this morning that several places have been badly hit with torrential rain and spectacular lightning.  We seem to go from one extreme to another. Still, I'm not one complaining about the drop in temperatures, for as those of my friends who read this will know, I am not a lover of the heat.

I am, however, a lover of this book. It's Kate Eberlen's first novel and I am already anticipating the second. This is the story of Tess and Gus who meet very briefly as teenagers in Italy where she is having a last holiday before university life begins and he, a medical student, is trying to enjoy a holiday with his parents, who are grieving for the loss of their other son in an accident. Tess has her life changed when her mother dies and she is left in charge of her younger sister, Hope. This would present a challenge for any 18 year old girl whose just had her world turned upside down, but with Hope having 'issues' as they would say today, it's even harder. One thing she knows is that university is now out of the question so she settles into the world of work, finding work that will fit in with Hope's school hours until such time as she leaves school. There are relationships along the way for both her and Gus who eventually qualifies as a doctor, marries and when that doesn't work out goes back to Florence to a cookery school to follow his passion for food and cooking, and Tess is given a writing holiday at the same place, a gift from her best friend. a treat to cheer her up after a particularly eventful and painful period in her life. Here Gus and Tess meet, recognise each other and recognise IN each other, a soulmate, their one true love despite all that has gone before. This book is one to lose yourself in, once picked up I hated having to put it down, and I know it will be read again. The best book of the sixty I've read this year so far and highly recommended.

As usual, there has been some arty, painty, collage-y stuff going on lately....

And also some felty stuff, this picture is awaiting a steam press to rid the felt of its creases, before glueing to a piece of thin MDF, and hanging.

As for the rest of my world....well, we are still picking and eating two types of beans and tomatoes, fresh herbs, sweet peas get picked every other day, gorgeous posies of pastel shades of pinks and lilacs with white ones as well, the air filled with their sweet fragrance for a couple of days before it fades and its time to pick more. I have had so many flowers from just a dozen plants. Each year I say I won't bother with them again, and each year I give in when I see a pot of plantlets in my village nursery and am delighted with them all over again.

I am a lover of words, and so was pleased to discover the American writer, Christopher Poindexter, a poet living in Florida. There is no Wikipedia entry for him, but if you Google him, you'll find a lot of his writings, quotes and poems and just.... words. Wonderful words strung together beautifully. He also has an Etsy page where he says he is 'not a poet but an observer'. Well, we all observe don't we, intentionally or otherwise, but to be able to put down what we observe as he does... that's a different matter. However, some of us enjoy writing anyway, so I have been able to add a few thousand more words to my novel. However, heat taxes me and concentration is hard and the imagination sluggish to say the least, add to that a shinbone injury from a coming together of my right leg and a heavy, solid wooden footstool (which won, by the way) which has given me pain every day for two weeks now, and I haven't progressed much further this last fortnight.

Still, cooler days are not far off, autumn feel to the early mornings and late evenings now, and flu jabs next week. Now see what an exciting life I lead?

Hope this finds everyone who reads this well, I just wish all who do would comment, nicely preferably! Happy Autumn.


  1. Well here I am, commenting! Miss You sounds like a good read, I shall look out for it. Cooler here also at last although still busy making preserves. Love the flamingo.

    1. hooray, lovely to see you here and thank you for commenting. lovely to have cooler weather at last.

  2. Ouch, your poor leg! Have you had it x-rayed, a small fracture is possible. Sounds very sore. I know what tou mean anout readers and commentors, but from my small experience of blogging, there are always many more 'page views' than comments. It's just the way it is I think. Not everyone likes to leave a comment, though as bloggers we love the feedback and chat! X

    1. Hi Penny!
      It's soft tissue damage - tendons, muscles, ligaments - and although the pain is getting less, I have been told it can take six weeks. In extreme cases, two years to repair the damage! Hmm, well thank heavens I don't think mine is that extreme!
      Thanks for the comment, always appreciated.

  3. Sorry just realised several careless typo's in my comment, hope it still makes sense!! X