Tuesday, 24 May 2016

My Spring Garden blanket

This is my Spring Garden blanket, inspired by the colours of our garden in Springtime of course.

Quite often when I do a blanket, I don't bother to draw it out, plan it too much. I usually know what I want to do and apart from a few scribbled notes in the little journal I keep next to my chair, not much goes down on paper. However this time I was a little more thoughtful about the whole thing.

This was the basic idea, it got changed a little as new colours came to mind, new flowers inspired me.  The wool is Stylecraft Special, a wool much favoured by crafters for crochet especially as it is a joy to work with, the range of colours is quite spectacular and it's reasonably priced, which is important if you do big projects. And leftovers make great leftover blankets! Or stripey knitted scarves. Or tea cosies. Or bobble hats even!

The deep pink/white/pale pink/lavender represent the hyacinths. Cream/pale lemon/saffron represent the different varieties of daffodils. The two shades of blue with claret in between represent forget-me-nots, muscari and wallflowers. The purple/lime green/orange are some of the tulips. And each group is separated with green to represent the foliage.

The edging I made up. It's one I first used decades ago, made it up as I went along and I like the effect it gives. It's a simple chain 1, skip 1 on alternate rows, and the first and last row of the edging are half trebles.

It's a lovely colourful throw, and like most of those I make, destined for my favourite hospice charity shop. And on a grey, cold day like today, it's a real cheerer-up!


  1. HI Edwina, what a beautiful blanket. The colours are really gorgeous together and very Springlike. I love the edging that you have done. It really sets it off. That is a great idea to keep notes in a journal to hand. Hope that you and your garden are blooming in this lovely weather! Xx

  2. What a pretty throw. I like the neat edging and the colours are beautiful. X