Sunday, 19 July 2015

Life's Simple Pleasures on a Sunday morning.

Are you a radio person? Do you switch on first thing in the morning, listen to it whilst having breakfast, getting your family sorted out for the day, in the car on the way to work/shops/school, back home as an accompaniment to the ironing perhaps?

I never considered myself a radio person until recent times. As a teen I listened to Radio Caroline (that dates me!), Radio Luxembourg, often under the covers in bed when I was supposed to be going to sleep. But that seems typical of many teens of that era. Do they do it now I wonder? Listen under the bedclothes? They have so many more options these days.

I'm a silent person really. I like the quiet, have no need, on a daily basis, to have the radio on and constant  background noise of music or chat. Except, it seems of late, when it comes to Sunday morning, the occasional early evening, Saturday mornings too, sometimes. I sit in my chair in my workroom, feet up, radio on beside me. Sundays it's usually The Archers omnibus, Radio Four or LBC if I'm in the mood for listening to ordinary people phoning in and discussing topics of the day. Never music, apart from the very occasional Classic FM. I like chat it seems, on the radio these days, not music.

Saturdays and the odd early evening, same venue, but instead of crochet as my pastime, it's colouring in, which I've been doing for years and years, long before it became a national obsession as I heard someone describe it. Someone who didn't realise just how relaxing it can be, since he said it in a derogatory tone. Mind, it's more a female thing isn't it, colouring in?

But I digress.

Yesterday I listed to Radio Four Extra, and heard 'Life with the Lyons', 'Hancock's Half Hour' and 'The Navy Lark', none of which will mean anything perhaps, to younger readers of this blog. But for those of a certain age....

They brought back memories. My husband recalls listening to 'The Navy Lark' on a Sunday afternoon, doing his homework, with a cat for company. Being a goody two shoes I'd done mine on the Friday, when I got home from school, wanting to get it out of the way, leaving the weekend free. Not that it was an eventful, socially full weekend. We lived miles out of town, no school friends near even if I'd wanted to spend time with them (or they with me for that matter), views from the window of horses in fields and the sea. It was a time spent with  my Mum, going on coach trips sometimes, more often than not into town for shopping, a bus ride away, so lunch out once the shopping had been done, in a cafe called The Morocco which served tea and coffee in brown, smoked glass cups and saucers, and Kunzel Cakes, little sickly chocolatey cakes that would have the Sugar Police cringeing these days. But I only had one a week, honest!

But that was Saturdays, Sundays were spent listening to the radio in the afternoon. So for me, 'The Navy Lark' recalled wintry Sunday afternoons sitting either side of a blazing coal fire, Mum with her knitting or sewing, me knitting or doing something arty with gummed paper shapes, fuzzy felts too.

Simple Pleasure on Sundays... this morning it's The Archers on the radio with my crochet, this afternoon it's The Open on television, with knitting. A simple life indeed.

What's your simple pleasure on a Sunday, if you have one?


  1. Sunday morning I love to wake up without the alarm, make myself a cup of tea and take it back to bed, to watch a bit of breakfast TV or read a book. :)

  2. Wonderful memories of pleasurable Sunday's of days gone by and days happening now by the sounds of it! xx

  3. Sunday I don't actually like to listen to the radio. I like the peace and quiet. It's on most other days of the week, Radio 4, station of choice, until the afternoon play, usually. I find I often don't like them, they can be a bit sinister. I like the radio in the car though, usually Capital here in London. Helps me keep in touch with current pop music which is useful when I've got an almost teenage daughter.

    I used to like playing with gummed shapes and fuzzy felt. We often had the local radio station on in the kitchen when I was growing up. My mum would sometimes phone in for the competitions and I remember being live on the radio one time, chatting away with the DJ. It was always the chart show on a Sunday night. Some things don't change that much in 35 years or so, inspite of the rapid rise of technology. We still listen to it in the car if we're travelling back from a weekend away.

  4. I love the colours of your wool. Is that crochet? I listen to Radio 4 a lot at work. I like it if I am working really late as it is a bit of company in the lab. I also love it when it goes onto the World Service. There are so many good articles on there. I used to listen to it all day when I lived away. When I was a teenager I used to listen to the radio late at night under the covers. I think that most people just stream music now from Deezer or Spotify which is a shame as you listen to mostly your own choices and don't get to hear anything new. Xx

    1. Deezer? Spotify? What be they? Yes, it is crochet, the colours came out a bit more glare-y than they are as it was dull and the flash came on. It's (yet another) blanket. I need to find a home for them all sometime. Last batch went to an old people's home as lap blankets.

  5. The Archers and crochet, sounds like a perfect Sunday morning to me, particularly if its chilly and wet outside! Add hot tea and toast and you have bliss...