Monday, 15 June 2015

This and that...

 Some photos and few words for my mid-June post.

This month.... I'm growing...


Alpine strawberries, potatoes, yellow courgette

                                              Broad beans and peas - amongst other things

Flowers too, just a few of my favourites right now....

                                   Sweet violas, several pots of different ones around the garden

    Nigellas, pinks, iris and more, but mainly took this because the smiley face makes me smile too!

                        And this is just such a lovely shade of pink with a delicate fragrance

And I'm making....

There's been a bit of watercolour practising going on ....

and enjoying picking flowers from the garden...

That's all folks!


  1. So many gorgeous and wonderful things going on with you!!!! I love all of your beautiful flowers, and am looking forward to seeing more of your new yarny project! xx

  2. :) I seem to be growing weeds faster than anything else! x

  3. Your gardening is going really well, I think. I like seeing vegetables as well as flowers in a garden.

  4. Your garden is fantastic. I can't keep up with mine this year, the weeds are everywhere. All the rain and warmth are making them sprout up overnight. Love your painting. It's beautiful. Xx

  5. Beautiful pink rose! My roses are still to bloom, very late this year, I think because we had a long, cold spring here in Scotland. Your painting is very good! X

  6. Busy Busy Busy..... I love your Buddha I have two in my courtyard. Lots of lovely things in your home and garden.