Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Mid-May's Meanderings

Well, can you believe we're halfway through May already? A look at the garden shows that the Spring bulbs are almost finished.....

... but there is so much colour out there.

I bought quite a few violas earlier in the year, all of them are in different sorts of pots, here around the base of a rose, and I've also used one of the original chimney pots from our house, nearly a hundred years old as well as newer ones, but all terracotta or that colour anyway. They seemed to die off a bit a month ago, but have now really come to life. I see, apart from a few weeds in the gravel, there appears to be a sunflower growing at the side of the pot, no doubt dropped by a passing bird.

Forget-me-nots and bergenia adding colour, a lavender coming back to life, and bare soil as this bed has been extended recently, lots of space for new plants. And my stone bear, can you see him, reclining beneath the bird bath. My husband bought him for me on the tenth anniversary of my kidney transplant, almost twenty years ago now.

We have lots of bluebells around the garden, both British and Spanish, and here they are mixed with pale yellow wallflowers, which you can't really see the true colour of as the sun came out just as I clicked.

And this little potentilla is a few years old now, grows each year and is just so pretty. But why do so many flowers act coy and hide their pretty faces? You have to get down to ground level to see the inside of this little flower, and I'm afraid my back isn't up to it these days!

Elsewhere in the garden, the cutting flower patch is coming on, seedlings ready to be thinned out in one of the raised beds - it's cosmos, which has germinated really well, unlike the wallflower which has been disappointing. Tomato plant coming on, as are the two yellow courgettes, carrots all germinated, new herbs thriving, potatoes bursting out of their growing bag, lots of broad bean flowers on the plants that were sown as seeds last December, and peas just germinating too, along with celery. Strawberries have been fed as there are lots of flowers, so I'm looking forward to my first home grown strawberries for many a year. The trees are at their best, lots of blossom on the wild cherry, the Bramley and the laburnum, and my 'baby' trees, nurtured from cuttings are all thriving. I have a lovely little oak tree in a large pot... heaven knows what I'm going to do with them all as they grow too big for pots, the garden may be big but it's not that big! Once the daffodils and tulips are finally over, lots of spaces for new plants, hurrah!

I'm still persisting with my art journal....

I know, could do better....

but this is my first attempt at painting flowers with watercolour paints and I'm pleased with them.

The felt has been out of the cupboard again, a little cushion cover here waiting for a backing, and thanks to Lynne at textiletreasury.blogspot.co.uk for the inspiration, as ever!

Inspiration comes from lots of places on the internet, but mainly those blogs I read regularly, such as Attic 24, the inspiration for this bag, the second one I've made ...

And as usual, there has been lots of reading, but that will appear at the end of the month as usual.

So, as ever, thanks for visiting and see you in a couple of weeks!


  1. Lots of lovely colour in the garden. My Pontentilla has it's buds coming and should be in bloom very soon. I love your little bear reclining under the bird bath. What a lovely hubby. And of course lots of reading there has to be time for reading:-)

  2. I've got some pretty bluebells giving some cheer at the moment..... but yes the daffs have all but had it for this year.

  3. Love your beautiful garden. All the plants look fantastic. The tulips are a superb colour. It is a pity they go over so fast. I like all your crafting especially your bag. Love bags and stripes so it is perfect. I have bluebells too and tons of purple toad flax which is taking over the garden but the bees love it so it stays. Xx

  4. Everything in your garden is thriving! I love your crochet bag too, how nice to use that for shopping and errands, so pretty X

  5. Your garden looks lovely! I seem to end up with lots of green leafy things but not many flowers. I should try harder!

  6. Hi Edwina, you have lots of springy greenness, things have burst into life, haven't they? I love your little stone bear. xx