Tuesday, 14 April 2015


As adults our time is usually taken up with 'life', leaving us little time for ourselves. Until you get older that is, until you reach the stage in your life when your children have grown and long since flown the nest, and at last you can breathe out and do the things you want to do for yourself.

Playtime is important. And the word can evoke memories of childhood can't it? I was a child in the Fifties - I am now an OAP (that's Older Aged Person) and actually, realising I grew up in times of rationing makes me feel REALLY old. I was a teen in the Sixties and contrary to the popular saying I WAS there and I DO remember them! And I also remember playtime at school, in the playground, ball games like twosie, games with balls played against a wall with accompanying rhymes, hopscotch with the squares chalked on the playground tarmac, washed away when it rained so you had to do it all over again. Playing at home during the long holidays...  for me, playing on the beach across the road from where we lived, making sandcastles... or taking my dolls in their new Tansad pram for a walk in the Marine Gardens on warm sunny days with my mum. On wintry days, sitting on the window seat - we had a huge bay window overlooking the Promenade and beach and I spent many hours sitting, watching - with colouring books and crayons.

Fast forward and here I am in my sixties, sitting in my conservatory, looking out over a beautiful garden my husband looks after, currently full of forsythia, ribes, daffodils, tulips, muscari, hyacinths and other Spring loveliness, surrounded by felt tips, watercolour pencils and crayons, watercolour paints, pencils, fine liners, brush tips, and a collection of colouring books for grown ups. 

Colouring in was one of my favourite things to do, along with reading, and still is! I have been amazed and delighted at the upsurge in colouring in for us oldies, I have always found it so relaxing and now it seems it's the 'in' thing to do. We even have a partwork called Art Therapy, which I have subscribed to, and although I may not see the subscription through to the bitter end, for now, I am enjoying it enormously.

This is a page from the first part. For someone who would love to be an artist but is rubbish at it, this is the nearest I get to being arty, well... this and my art journal as it's laughingly called. Now if you go on Pinterest you will see some wonderful examples of art journalling... mine isn't there. Some of the pages in my journals are my own work, my own idea, others are ideas taken from various sources, blogs and Pinterest and magazines. Ideas I give a twist to, so they are not exact replicas. This one though, is one of my own, a  mix of collage, watercolour painting (the hares themselves), watercolour pencils and felt tips.

In retrospect, I should have used different lettering/colour for the word 'behaving', but it is too late now. It's just a bit of fun, I enjoy doing it, and if it's not perfect or not as good as others would have done it, who cares? 

The point of playtime is to take you away from the mundane, the ironing waiting to be done, the food to prepare for a meal, and let you escape into a world of your own, maybe listening to an audio book, or music, or in my case at the moment it's either Radio 4 or LBC. For an hour I just 'chillax' as they say, and even though my life is far from stressful and hectic, I still feel the benefit of this 'me' time.

So, get yourself some felt tips, or pencils, or crayons, grab one of the many colouring-in books for grownups, and while away an hour or so.


  1. I saw one of the colouring books on Amazon - a suggested email - I am very tempted! I love colouring - I make cards, and colouring an image is my favourite. I can't draw for toffee though! Have fun. :) x

  2. I love coloring books and have one just for me, a beautiful one with fairies and flowers. I like to make cards too, it's nice to be able to make a card look just the way you want it to, with colored pencils, washi tape, ink stamps, etc. I'm glad to know you're still enjoying playtime, it's good for you. :)

  3. Edwina, you are so lucky to have lived near the beach when you were young. I am 51 and I remember playing with two balls against a wall in school and chanting rhymes, skipping with all the other girls with my Grandma's old washing rope and many other games. We did have fun in those days, I don't care what any young ones say nowadays. Hope you are well. Love from Carol

  4. Colouring is very relaxing, I do it with my girls sometimes. I'll have to look out for a grown up colouring book for myself, I think! I'm glad you're enjoying your playtime too. xx

  5. Hello Edwina, I clicked on a comment on Jane Brocket's blog, which I have followed for years, and found myself here. I have also seen your book choices on Laura's 'Year In Books', and recognise three of the lovely bloggers who have left comments on this post so far, so I rather feel that Fate has brought me here! I have also very much enjoyed reading your post on 'playtime'. That word is very evocative for me too, my childhood was in the '70's rather than the '50's, but very similar to be honest. Minimal TV, lots of playing outside, lots of reading and colouring-in, not much changed between the '50's and '70's! Following you now on bloglovin, and very happy to do so! X